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    The dribble after attempting it in 2KU with Paul George the volatile behind the back appears to be gone and replaced with a more realistic looking movement, and although there is not any energy in 2KU the left right momentum crossover spam is achievable at good speeds it remined me of like 2K15 left right crossover then I managed to green from it but Imma assume its only because 2KU doesn’t have energy.

    In quick match with energy you are able to do the exact same left right crossover spam roughly 2-4 days before its ceases the energy and Idk concerning the volatile behind the back its slower but Idk if the exact same hop animation is gonna be accessible, the dribbling seems a little more harder to string together seeing they changed how you do bulk of these moves buy you can’t make a shot after dribble chaining if there is energy the smallest quantity of the defense and its off thus no more spammers producing any contestend shots, and the shot meter is tougher to green since you cannot see where the green window will be that you just have to shooter a good discharge then hope for the best, Blocking is enhanced greatly I actually swatted a shot from the air after being awarded a GOOD BLOCK ANIMATION I hope its no more busted block cartoons because so much they’re realistic, Hop Step Cheese still here SMFH, However protection enhanced Im going to wait until the match falls so I can see exactly what Animations were removed,fixed and added, Finally the shooter makes free throws harder shit mad 2K21 current gen is deadass a polished 2K20 gameplay wise.

    It is a fairly heavy learning curve together with the new shotstick to just have 5 real games (& game conditions/pressure) to get used w/o the capacity to correct difficulty; especially if we do not have a professional controller & ‘ are enjoying w/ joycons. Considering the teams we are given & their penchant for defense.

    Check out for more details.

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