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    I love for more info on how light level works in IB. I wow classic gold cheap know it probably unreasonable, but I would love like an Iron Banner Incense Burner. You throw in some items and you set your light level that way. I can use the gear and weapons I want, and everyone can have a way of contolling how much damage they taking.

    Kawaler: The most exciting discovery will be the discovery of Earth like planets around other stars. It’s what we all wonder about are there other planets out there that host life? That said, most of the stars that Kepler examines won’t show any signs of planetary transits but the data will provide a gold mine of information about how stars behave. From the point of view of my own research, the most exciting thing that will come out will be improvement, by a factor of almost 100,in the measure of brightness of over 100,000 stars. Asteroseismologists are drooling at this prospect, because we expect to find oscillations in many stars, but this huge increase in sensitivity is bound to reveal new phenomena that we can’t even guess at yet.

    Note thanks to commenter Tex, I found the correct vendor in the Haitian Market for reasonable and more colorful clothing. I found that the Preview All Screen was actually working. It turned out that the preview put the item on my character onscreen so I could see how it looked on her. It was just hidden behind the vendor window. Moving that to the side let me see what I was buying.

    I can help but feel a little disappointed when I raid in XIV, the fights are fun don get me wrong, I just feel a bit off put by being thrown into another square or circle map with one boss and that it. Alliance raids kind of scratch the itch in building more of a thematic set piece, but so far they have all been a bit too hallway esque in design.

    With that said, the great thing about S6 is how much freedom you have to adjust to your issues. If you want more damage, opt for Trapped/PE, maybe swap passives, swap rings, whatever. If you want more tankiness, consider stuff like APDs, or an Esoteric, swap a damage passive out, etc.

    Papers say: «Should the remedial works not be carried out and it is a cold, wet winter, the carriageway condition would likely deteriorate even further resulting in potential claims from road users against the council and more of a struggle for developers to sell new apartments that have recently and are continuing to be built.»

    Diffrent question, how exatcly do duels work? as far as i understand, you flee a duel you suffer a huge morale hit to your army, pemranent penalties to the dude fleeing. obiously something you want to avoid. you get to decline calls for a duel as much as you want. you win a duel, you KILL your opponent if you win(making it a rather stupid choice if you want to recruit the guy to your faction). however, i also read some people saying you get to retreat form a duel once it gone on for a while. is this true? what decides it(hp loss, time, battle progress?). if this is a thing, it makes sense to engage lu bu in a duel with some sturdy character just to stop him form murdering your army on his own whilst you try and win the battle before he kills your character if it doesn accepting a duel you know you lose seems rather stupid.
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